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Virgin Sunflower Oil

Virgin Sunflower Oil

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The high content of vitamin E and low content of saturated fats makes it a healthy cooking oil. Sunflower oil nutritional benefits include the high content of essential fatty acids that the oil contains. Different varieties of sunflower oils have different nutrition content. Oilcure Cold Pressed sunflower Oil, is good for heart health, skincare, skin cell generation, improving immunity, preventing certain cancers and reduces the bad asthma and arthritis.

Benefits of Oilcure Sunflower oil:

The amount of unsaturated fatty acids contained in sunflower oil varies according to the climate that the sunflower has been grown in and the genetics of the parent plant. There are some other components of sunflower oils too. These are lecithin, carotenoids, tocopherols, and different types of waxes.

Since the oil is extracted from oilseeds, there is also a high quantity of vitamin E, which makes it excellent for being used in beauty and cosmetic products.

The oil is light to taste and is therefore preferred for cooking in many regions throughout the world. Sunflower oil is preferred over many other oils like canola oil, safflower oil, corn oil, and olive oil, because of its light taste and flavor. Sunflower oil benefits extend to the skin as well. Since it has smoothening properties and long shelf life, it is also perfect for cosmetic formulations. However the most nutritious one is the high linoleic acid variety and hybrid varieties of this oil are in the process of being created, to increase the nutrition value of sunflower oil. Since there are very low levels of saturated acids present in sunflower oil, it is considered good for the heart. The consumption of large quantities of sunflower oil poses a low risk of cardiovascular problems; this is one of the biggest sunflower oil benefits.

Recent studies have proven that if instead of saturated acids, small amounts of sunflower oil are introduced in the diet, they can help in the reduction of cholesterol. Due to the health benefits of sunflower oil, it is also being used increasingly in both restaurants and the food industry.


Recommended usage:  Usually used for cooking and skincare purpose. 

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