About us

The story of Oilcure starts about 98 years ago.Our ancestors, used Ayurveda to treat their friends and other people in the community. Seeing as it was a great contribution and service to the society, it was passed on, continued the legacy of the powerful knowledge. People respected and appreciated them for their contribution, dedication and determination to help the communities they lived in.

The modus operandi carried out by them was to serve people by improving their health, without asking for anything in return. If someone refused to take their advice without giving something in return, they would ask them to donate money instead towards Gaushalas. The only thing that hindered them was that they could only reach out to a very limited number of people who needed treatment.

Thus, we at Oilcure decided to continue this legacy of serving people with the same passion our ancestors had, so that people could experience an honest and result-oriented treatment. For this reason and to reach out to the masses who need a cure with 100% natural products without side effects we started this venture commercially. We do not produce on a mass basis, which allows us to control and manage the quality of our products. It also helps us achieve a consistency in the quality of the products we put out. We try to get out the best in our products to serve you well.

This intention of reaching out to masses of our entire country would not have been possible without doing things online, on internet.

In the course of our journey, we have learnt to be patient, honest, and passionate about what we do. We follow a policy where it is not just about the product that cures people, but also about the feelings with which we give the product to you. A smile on our faces and well-wishes for you can make you happier, and that in and of itself, can make you feel better. This is what we intend to do. We are not here just to sell our products. We are here to bring smiles to your faces and to make you healthier.

We have a large range of products which come under two categories: Oilcure and Nxtgen Ayurveda. We try to come out with new products often so that we have more cures and preventative measures for various problems and diseases. Of course, this is only done after heavy research, experimentation, testimonials, etc. From research to production to delivery, we do not change our thoughts, feelings, work, determination, honesty, positivity, focus, and patience. We want you to get better.

While we are not doctors, we always try to guide and cure you the right way. We have earned the trust of many people owing to our products being 100% natural and vegetarian. We assure you the highest quality of the ingredients we use. We do not use artificial colors or materials might be harmful to your health. Our products are produced in an atmosphere of hope and positivity.