Why Oilcure cold pressed oils

“Don’t eat fried, don’t have junk food!”

 We have been hearing all these instructions right from our loving parents, teachers, doctors, dieticians and of course from our well wishers. Above statement is perfectly right, but we couldn’t read between lines.

One hidden message is – "Oil is not good when fried, but it is a must to consume raw" (non fried) oil. As there are lot of necessary natural Vitamins and Minerals like vitamin A,B, C and ample of Vitamin E. Minerals like Phosphorus, iron, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, ... and lot more. Some important polyunsaturated fatty acids like sesamol and sesamin found in Sesame oil for good heart health, Linalool in Coriander, important natural Acids like Cuminic Acid, Cymene, Dipentene, Limonene, Phellandrene, and Pinene in Cumin oil for example. All these details have been described in individual pages of each oil, how exactly each oil cures your health.

Honestly speaking, if we consume right and enough quantity of fruits and natural products, we stay healthy without any supplements. But unfortunately with the busy lifestyle and forgetfulness, we are not taking benefits of natural resources.

We at Oilcure/Oil cure are trying to bring natural resources in the form of oil extracts which can fit in your busy lifestyle. All of the oils are 100% natural without any chemical process using Cold Press Technology. This process extracts oils without any heating and chemical process. In cold pressing technique, the oil is extracted from the seeds by not heating it excessively. If the temperature is increased during the process of oil, then we would end up losing most of its essential nutritional contents, taste and smell. To avert such happenings, the temperature is kept up to 50 degree celsius. The only heat produced during the entire extraction process is due to the friction between seeds. This is why one should start using cold pressed oils right away.

We have seen, our forefathers, were able to maintain and lead a good health and energy till death without having chemical rich medicines. Now even with lot of medical care, and lot of medicines people are less energetic and prone to diseases.

We do believe in all medicinal systems including Ayurvedic, English, Chinese, Unani and Homeo. Where, ancient India Ayurvedic system is good for precautionary treatments that emphasises precaution than cure. Ayurvedic or say, cure with nature, suggests us to consume natural vitamin and mineral packed foods regularly. It suggests taking various natural foods and supplements according to season. God has created lot of food rich enough to heal everything; we should have these foods according to the four season’s system.

We are trying to bring back nature to our health. Our research team has found that many spices and nuts are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients. For your convenience, we are extracting oils from these spices and nuts with cold press technology. Oils extracted with this style preserve necessary vitamins and minerals to support our good health. We extract oil without any heat treatment, without any chemical process, to deliver you the best, nature can give.

We at Oilcure / Oil cure try to deliver you the best by selecting best raw material available, maintaining good manufacturing practices, hygiene and no child labour policy. We do, and we must, honour your faith by maintaining quality with lot of research as you look up to treat yourself with some deficiency, with ancient healing system with nature.

So please start taking care of yourself, your near and dear ones, of course naturally without any side effects. Stay healthy naturally.

 Strengthen your immunity by

Exercising regularly
Eating a healthy, balanced diet
Maintaining a healthy weight
Getting quality sleep
Reducing stress
Quit smoking
Drinking alcohol only in moderation
Take Oilcure Immunity boosting Supplementary Combo