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Virgin Groundnut Oil

Virgin Groundnut Oil

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Virgin cold pressed groundnut oil is one of the most trusted cooking (edible) oil in India for centuries. Ground nut or pea nut oil is rich in anti oxidant Vitamin E, high in mono unsaturated fats, which are good for our health, like olive oil. We must always consume edible oil which is grown near you or in your country, which accommodates all nutrients and antibodies required by us.


Virgin Groundnut oil or cold pressed Peanut oil is said to be one of the finest oil for Indian cooking system. Let it be in Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, UP, MP, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Maharashtra or Karnataka, people in entire India used this oil as their edible cooking oil. Peanut oil was their primary choice when it came for edible cooking oil. In south Indian states like Kerala, TN people used coconut oil as edible oil as well. 

Researchers suggest that we must use edible oils which are grown in your own country. Meaning is if we consume olive oil for cooking, that is not supposed to be good for the Indian subcontinent. Of course, edible oil has to be cold pressed only.

The composition of Peanut Oil:

Peanut oil has 75% Unsaturated fatty acids. Out of which monounsaturated fats oleic acid (48 percent) and omega-6 linoleic acid (34 percent). It contains saturated fats as well, but at lower levels, just 18 percent. Groundnut oil's proportion of fatty acids is nutritionally similar to olive oil — high in monounsaturated fats, dominated by oleic acid and low in saturated fats.


Health benefits of Oilcure Groundnut oil:

1. Controls Cholesterol Levels: Groundnut oil is free from cholesterol. Since cooking oil is used in many different ways, eliminating this dangerous cholesterol from your body can help prevent a variety of health complications. Furthermore, peanut oil can actually reduce your current levels of cholesterol due to the presence of plant sterols. These phytosterols actually compete for cholesterol absorption in the stomach and gut, which can lower your cholesterol levels by 10-15%. Not only it is stable enough to resist heat-induce damage, but it also contains high amounts of saturated fats, which are essential to your health. 

2. Lowers Blood Pressure: Resveratrol in groundnut oil is very beneficial to control your blood pressure. It interacts with various hormones that affect blood vessels. By neutralizing the effects of that hormone, and regulate, resveratrol helps to decrease blood pressure, which reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

3. Perfect for Deep-Frying: Peanut oil has a light nutty flavor. Peanut oil is very testy and perfect for deep-frying because it does not absorb the flavor of other foods cooked in the oil. Peanut oil is also one of the world’s traditional deep-frying oils because it can reach such a high temperature. Groundnut oil is good for all types of cooking and has been the oil of choice for almost all the restaurants for many years because of taste and health.

4. Boosts Heart Health: This oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid, which increase the levels of good cholesterol - HDL, in the blood. This cholesterol actually helps to scrape off and reduce bad cholesterol -LDL and lower your risk of developing heart problems. 

This Oilcure groundnut oil is cold processed. We do not suggest deep frying with this oil. Anyways, we are a healthy website, so do not suggest eating deep fried food in the first place.


Recommended usage:  Usually used for cooking.

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