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Triphala Powder Superior -250 Gms.

Triphala Powder Superior -250 Gms.

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Triphala is a combination of Amla, Behda and Harde. in ayurveda it is called TRI DOSH NASHAK, which means it cures 3 basic problems of Vata, Pitta, and cougha. it is helpful in constipation, digestion issues and good for eyes, hair, stomach etc. Great help in piles and fissures. 

NxtGen Ayurveda Triphala Superior is a perfect blend of Indian gooseberry or Amla, Haritaki or Harde and Bibhitaki or Behda. There are lot of formulated triphala is available in market, but 2 ingredients in this formulation are very economical. because of this fact some producers, just to save on cost, mix these 2 ingredients more. Result is very less rather negative when we consume these different formulations.

Our research team has done lot of work on this formulations in two ways. Firstly we tried to get all the information from ancient ayurveda books from different writers like, Sushrut, Vagbhatt, Atreya, Patanjali to name few. Our research team then experimented on different group of people based on their age, sex their habits, routines, geo locations and altitudes. Finally after lot of their readings from these groups and results we created this unique formulation of triphala.


Benefits of Triphala :

1. Improves digestion : Triphala contains three great ayurvedic fruits namely amla, harde and behda. All are very good aid for digestion in this unique formulla.

2. Constipation corrector :  Triphala is natural laxative which helps in solving constipation problem without forcing our body to use it forever. It s action includes correcting the digestion system in total resulting in regulated digestion system and helps remove constipation problem. Amla repairs any damage to intestine system, Harde strenghens intestine muscles to funtion properly and behda helps throw old deposits or mucus out.

3. Weight Loss : Since tripala regulates our digestion system completely, there are less chances fats deposit in hips and belly area. This results in reduction of unwanted weight and belly fats.

4. Lowers bad cholesterols: Studies done on lot of groups who took tripala regularly shown less LDL then those who are not on it.

5. Goog for skin, eyes and hair: Lot of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C helps in good health conditions.

6. Common cold and fever : It is of great help in common cold and cough because of its tri dosh nashak character.

7. Anti Cancer : Triphala contains gallic acid, ellagic acid and chebulinic acid,  all are strong antioxidants. It also has flavonoids and polyphenols, which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti diarrheal abilities.

8. Controls Uric Acid Levels: Triphala maintains the uric acid levels in the body. Cleanses toxins and removes unwanted acids from the body. This is one of the best natural detoxifier.

9. Helpful in Piles and Fissures: As u know anorectal disease and constipation both are friends where there is constipation there will be piles, fissure or u have to treat the cause along with local pathology over the anal region. Triphala helps a lot in removing constipation, improves your VATA, Pitta and cougha, and helps in getting rid of piles and fissures.




Dosage : 4-5 Gms before bed time, one hour after dinner for general purpose.

How to take: one teaspoon after dinner with plain or lukewarm water. Can be taken as green tea - mix one teaspoon of triphala in boiling hot water, drink like green tea after dinner or even in morning.


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