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Nxtgen Ayurveda

Sunflower Seeds - 200 gms

Sunflower Seeds - 200 gms

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Nxtgen Ayurveda Sunflower seeds by Oilcure are power packed with vitamin E, copper, calcium and many other essential minerals. Very good for your bones, nerves, and heart. It is anti-cancer and anti-aging. Gives you beautiful skin and hair as well.

Ever wanted to have a healthy snack but ended having something that isn’t healthy at all? Yes, we have all been there and done that. But now you have nothing to worry about. This Oilcure sunflower seed is not only tasty and delicious but is filled with a variety of great benefits for your health. It can be simply tossed onto the cereal bowls and salads to make them yummier and healthier.

It includes various rich nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins (magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, vitamin E, B, A, thiamine, fatty acids, phytosterols.)

This is considered and known to be one of the healthiest seeds. This is because of the unique beneficial qualities such as:


Reduction in the risk of heart diseases

The presence of essential nutrients such as linoleum, vitamin E, oleic acid with great oil contents, monosaturated and polysaturated fats. They help reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the HDL(good cholesterol). Vitamin E which is highly present in this helps to protect from heart risks and help fight against it.

It thus maintains the arteries, veins, blood vessels and improves the overall health of the heart.

Prevent cancer

Due to the components such as vitamin E, lignans, selenium and high fiber content inside prevent the risk and spread of certain cancers such as prostate, colon, and breast. It protects the tissues from any sort of damage.

The selenium present has a great property of repairing the damaged cells and stopping the growth of tumors in the body.

Healthy Bones

Presence of magnesium, vitamin E, copper, calcium helps to develop healthy bones and joints. They increase the flexibility and make them stronger further increasing overall strength.

Weight loss

Want to lose weight?

Just have a handful of these yummy seeds every day and watch your weight reduce. The seeds help in burning the fat present and lower cholesterol level. This not only reduces the weight but also provides a great amount of nutrients to the body.

Glowing skin

Vitamin E present in this helps to prevent skin from aging, acne, wrinkles. It acts as a natural sunscreen (SPF) also. To sum up, it gives you a beautiful, glowing, fabulous, smooth and soft skin! All you need to do is, consume the seeds regularly.


Not only does the presence of vitamin E does good for the skin, but also for your hair as well. It deeply helps nourish the scalp and roots. It makes the hair healthier and along with that improves in the circulation present in that region.

Good sleep and mood

It is a mood buster, lightens up if you feel low. It also gives you a calm, relaxing and a good sleep overall by relaxing the muscles in the body. It also helps in reducing stress.

Regulation of thyroid

We are all aware of the thyroid gland which maintains metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature. The selenium and iodine help to take care of this and make it healthier.

Eye care

Having sunflower seeds improve the health of your eyes as well and make them sharp. This is due to the vitamin A present inside these seeds. It helps to prevent issues like cataract and other eye related issues. 

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