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Sonth (Dry Ginger) Powder- 100 gms

Sonth (Dry Ginger) Powder- 100 gms

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Sonth or dry ginger powder is much more powerful than fresh ginger. Sonth improves the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, increases appetite, great for improving digestion and also serves as a detoxifying agent. Ginger or sonth powder helps overcome fever, is anti-bacterial and an analgesic.

Sonth or Dry Ginger powder, known as Soonth / Saunth in Hindi, ‘Sonti‘ in Telugu, (Chukku or Sukku) in Tamil, ‘Chukku‘ in Malayalam, ‘Shunti‘ in Kannada, ‘Sonth‘ in Bengali, ‘Soonth‘ in Gujarati and ‘Suntha‘ in Marathi. This sonth is made from fresh ginger that is sun-dried to make this off-white color powder. It has a strong aroma and pungent flavor. This powder is easy to store and has a long shelf life of a year. 

Sonth is a mighty herb, a delicacy, and medicine. It is the swiss knife of health, which serves as a multipurpose improvement in health. Ginger powder is a friendly herb. Fresh ginger is usually available but there are times when you may not have it in stock or the quality of fresh ginger is not available in the market, or the cost of fresh is too much. You can easily keep a pack of dried ginger powder or sonth powder at home for such occasions.


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