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Punarnava Powder - 100 Gms

Punarnava Powder - 100 Gms

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Punarnava (Hogweed) means ‘bring back to life’ or ‘renewer’ that is what this wonderful herb really does. Punarnava leaf powder corrects the digestive system, alleviates fluid retention and very useful in managing heart diseases. Punarnava also benefits in anemia, hernia and respiratory distress. Punarnava can also be taken in liver problems and managing lipids and cholesterol in healthy limits. Great in reducing swelling in leg, feet and face.

Punarnava (Hogweed) literally means ‘bring back to life’ or ‘renewer’. It is a creeper that grows wild in India and Brazil throughout year but dries during the summer. It bears small fleshy leaves, small reddish-pink flowers and fruits in winter. It is bitter in taste and has cooling effect. It has very high medicinal value.


Health Benefits of Punarnava:

1. Water Retention and swelling in Body: Punarnava is effective in treating a disease called dropsy, a condition wherein excess of watery fluid gets accumulated in the tissues and body cavities. A chemical of this plant stimulates urine secretion and discharge. It is also useful in treating Ascites, a condition caused by fluid accumulation in the abdominal lining and is particularly useful in treating specific types of Ascites caused by certain liver diseases. It increases the body’s ability to expel fluid.The herb helps to get rid of excess body fluids and at the same time prevents the formation of kidney / urinary stones. 1-2 month's use of this ayurvedic herb can promote Kidney functioning better.

2. Kidney and Liver issues: Punarnava plant is useful for treating all the disorders of the kidneys as it reduces the urea levels in the body very effectively. Taking 1 teaspoon of this powder with water bedtime can be taken safely even while taking other medications for kidney problems. It also acts as a liver tonic and can be used to treat all the disorders of the liver.

3. Asthma: It promotes mucus removal from bronchial tubes and hence beneficial in treating Asthma.

4. Other benefits include treatment of anemia, nervous weakness, paralysis, constipation and cough.


















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