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Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate Oil

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Oilcure Pomegranate or Anar oil is used for digestion improvement, for skin as well. 



Anti-inflammatory property

It  provides relief to people suffering from sunburned skins, psoriasis and from eczema.It also reduces the redness on the skin and also the irritation. It also makes the skin healthier and rejuvinates it

Used for all skin types

Pomegranate seed oil is perfect for all skin types and it penetrates deeply into the skin and moisturizes it. This oilis absorbed completely by the skin  and does not leave anything behind. It is perfect for oily skin that is prone to acne. This oil is also used for massaging.


It contains high concentrations of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals(deterioates the cell formation process/aging) that cause oxidative stress. As a result, this oil is commonly found in anti-aging skincare products.  

Pomegranate seed oil for hair

 It can be used for all hair types as it nourishes dry and dull hair, both and penetrates very deeply that may help hydrate the hair.  Pomegranate seed oil also used to stimulate blood circulation of the scalp as the antioxidant comprises of high vitamin content in it that helps in increasing the growth of hair. It is high in vitamin C and can be mixed with coconut oil and castor oil.

Reduces pain in the joints and arthritis

Pain caused due to inflammation of joints in legs and hands can be reduced by applying this oil. Therefore, pomegranate seed oil is best for treating arthritis as it is a good source of anti-oxidants.

Helps to fight cancer

According to research, it has been proven that pomegranate seeds are a powerful cancer fighting food. It has been revealed to employ anti-tumor effects on cancer cells of various types.

Supports weight loss and manages cholesterol

A high content of punicic acid is present in pomegranate which helps to manage cholesterol and reduce BMI or body mass index. Punicic is a form of omega-5 fatty acid as well as conjugated linoleic acid, which is found only in few plants. Intake of pomegranate seed oil regularly for up to 4 weeks is beneficial. The ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol is also reduced. 

Lowers blood pressure

Pomegranate seeds are known to  promote cardiovascular health. The bioactive polyphenols and antioxidants present in it help to lower blood pressure level and are important to be consumed regularly.

Improves heart health

Pomegranate seed oil contains a combination of mono-saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals. These have a serious impact on the overall health of our heart. Chances of heart attack, atherosclerosis and other cardiac conditions are reduced by pomegranate seed oil. This oil also helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels.


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