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Pilplamool Powder - 100g

Pilplamool Powder - 100g

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Long pepper or pippali, also known as Piper longum L., is a common culinary plant that has long been used as a key ingredient in many indigenous medicines, especially in Ayurveda. The Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and the Americas are just a few of the tropical and subtropical places in the world where long pepper is grown. It is thought that the Roman emperors treasured it even more than black pepper because of its commercial and economic significance. 

The potent renewing plant known as Peepla Mool (Piper longum) fortifies and nourishes the body. It is a close relative of black pepper, a common table spice, and is just as hot and aromatic. Pippali promotes metabolism, eliminates toxins from the body, and supports a healthy digestive system.


  • Attributes that reduce inflammation

 Piperine and piplartine, two substances in piplamool that have anti-inflammatory activity, are present. The body naturally produces inflammation as a reaction to damage or infection, but persistent inflammation has been linked to the emergence of a number of chronic illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. Piplamool might aid in lowering inflammatory levels within the body, which might assist stop the onset of certain illnesses.

  • Benefits of digestion

Piplamool is frequently used in Ayurveda medicine to promote digestion and alleviate digestive problems like indigestion, bloating, and constipation. The plant includes substances that promote the release of digestive enzymes and improve nutritional absorption in the gut. Moreover, piplamool may aid in limiting the development of dangerous bacteria in the gut, which can enhance overall gut health.

  • Respiratory health

 Historically, piplamool has been used to treat respiratory conditions like asthma, colds, and coughs. As a result of the plant's chemical composition, which helps to open up the airways and lessen respiratory tract inflammation, breathing can be made easier and the signs of respiratory infections can be lessened.

  • Antioxidant effects

Antioxidants included in piplamool aid in preventing the body from being harmed by free radicals. Free radicals are inherently unstable chemicals that can harm cells and have a role in the emergence of chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Free radicals are defeated by antioxidants and are hence unable to harm cells.

  • Pain reduction

 Due to its analgesic qualities, piplamool has been used to treat illnesses like arthritis that cause pain. Compounds in the plant aid to lower pain and inflammation in the body, which can help relieve the signs and symptoms of chronic pain.

  • Loss of weight

According to some research, piplamool may aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism and decreasing fat storage. The plant has substances that help to increase metabolism and burn fat, which may aid in weight loss.

  • Anti-cancer attributes

 Compounds including piperine and piplartine, which have been shown to have anti-cancer potential, are found in piplamool. These substances aid in stopping the development and spread of cancer cells, potentially lowering the chance of acquiring cancer.

  • A neuroprotective quality

 Piplamool includes substances with neuroprotective qualities that may aid to fend off neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. These substances aid in lowering brain inflammation and safeguarding brain cells from harm.

  • Cardiovascular fitness

 Piplamool's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities may have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Major risk factors for heart disease include oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Piplamool may help lower these risks by decreasing inflammation and scavenging free radicals.

  •   Immune system assistance

 Compounds in piplamool work to strengthen the immune system and fend against infections. The plant's immune-boosting characteristics may be able to help prevent various illnesses in addition to the colds and flu, which it has traditionally been used to treat.


  In conclusion, the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and neuroprotective activities of piplamool provide a wide variety of potential health advantages. Piplamool may be a helpful supplement for persons seeking to enhance their general health and fend off chronic diseases, while further research is required to completely comprehend its physiological effects.
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