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Nxtgen Ayurveda

Orange Peel Powder -150 gms.

Orange Peel Powder -150 gms.

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NxtGen Ayurveda Orange Peel powder is hygienically made powder of sun-dried orange peels. Orange peel powder is very good for radiant and smooth glowing skin naturally. It removes dark circles and spots present on the face. 


Benefits of orange peel powder:

1. For glowing radiant skin: Orange peel powder if you apply on face and neck area, gives a glow to your skin without hurting texture and fine tissues of the skin.

2. The refreshing orange peel powder has magical benefits and great for glowing and beautiful skin. It contains a great source of vitamin C, calcium and various fibers. Applying this powder can do wonders to your skin. Helps prevent acnes, wrinkles, blackheads. It helps to remove scars and lighten the skin tone. It can also be applied on the scalp to make your hair smooth, shiny and lustrous. Along with that, it helps get rid of dandruff as well. Also, a great source of weight loss and digestion if included in tea. 


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