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Neem Powder -100 gms

Neem Powder -100 gms

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The tree which was once grown and found only in certain parts of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan is now found all over the world. This is because all the parts of this tree, bark, stem, leaves, seeds and flowers are so beneficial and works great for the human body. 


Neem is known to fight fever, skin disease, eye problems, acne, blood pressure, arthritis, indigestion, and other allergies. The powder is also added to various soaps, shampoo, scrubs, and repellents.  


The benefits of this amazing, unique Oilcure neem powder include:


  • Eliminates dandruff

Adding this powder to the hair pack, shampoos, applying it and leaving it for about a few minutes will help reduce and prevent dandruff quickly. Doing this regularly will give results fast.


  • Fights a pimple and acne

Mixing this powder along with some curd, and applying this mixture on the face and leaving it for a while will help fight acnes. It will eliminate dark spots, blemishes, skin pigmentation.


  • Dental care

We have seen many kinds of toothpaste which have neem in it. Neem is great for the teeth, gums and prevents the cavities, plaque, and fight bacterias.


  • Psoriasis

This is a condition when the skin is red, painful, itchy due to overgrown cells. To get rid of psoriasis, you could mix this powder with lukewarm water, ginger, and turmeric powder and consume one glass.


  • Hair loss

A lot of hair loss? Tried all sorts of cosmetics?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Just add this to the Oilcure coconut oil and mix it well. Apply this and massage with care. Do this regularly for good and quick results.


  • Immunity

Neem has the ability to fight germs and other harmful substances. It further helps to build the overall immunity of the body, keeping it healthy.


Recommended usage: Strictly under medical supervision.

It is always better to consult your doctor/ physician/ dietitian.

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