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Natural Deodorant - 50 gms

Natural Deodorant - 50 gms

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Natural Deodorant is 100% pure natural and herbal formula. Today markets are full of synthetic and alcohol based deodorants, which are very harmful for our skin. Lot of people get itching because of all these chemicals used in deodorant sprays. We at Oilcure prepared this natural, herbal deodorant with all natural ingredients and natural essential oils. Best Natural Deodorant for Men and Women.

This Natural Deodorant is made with all natural ingredients and natural essential oil. It is a perfect blend of Almond Oil, Hemp Oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, honey bee wax, Cooking soda, Aroow Root, Lavender essential oil, Tea tree oil and Lemon oil. 100% alcohol free and harmful chemicals free deodorant.

This natural deodorant contains natural ingredients that help balance and regulate pH levels in the body for better skin health. It has healing abilities that can treat skin infections, insect bites, and inflammation. It neutralizes strong and unwanted odors, so as a deodorant it rids harmful substances from your body while offering long-term protection as well. 


Deodorizing is one of the most effective qualities of this natural deodorant. We all have a layer of sweat and sebum that forms a coating on our skin known as the acid mantle. It may sound gross, but this coating protects our skin by preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The pH of the acid mantle ranges from 4 to 5.5, meaning it is slightly acidic. It has antibacterial properties to help control the bacteria that grows in our underarms, which cause odor when they break down sweat. 

It is the best deodorant for men and women, all natural ingredients.


It is suitable for generally all types of skin even for people those who are allergic to alchohol based deodorants, perfume deodorants or any kind of synthetic deodorants. Many people get itching in armpits after using branded deodorants available in market. Whereas using this natural deodorant, people do not get itching.


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