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Nabhi Oil Combo - Pack of 6 Oils

Nabhi Oil Combo - Pack of 6 Oils

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Indulge in the richness of our cold-pressed naval/ nabhi oils, carefully curated to cater to your specific needs.


This oil combo pack contains six cold-pressed oils for all specific needs:

  • Sesame Nabhi Oil (15ml)

    Ease joint pains, strenghtens bones. 

  • Castor Nabhi Oil (15ml)

    May help in dry skin, stress, pain relief.

  • Almond Nabhi Oil (15ml)

    Can help promote sound sleep, glowing, radiant skin, menstrual cramp relief.

  • Mustard Nabhi Oil (15ml)

    Helps skin from drying, lips from getting chapped, good for digestion

  • Coconut Nabhi Oil (15ml)

    Cococnut oil when applied in belly button is good for skin health, boost energy and vision care.

  • Neem Nabhi Oil (15ml)

     May help to get rid of acne, rashes, skin issues.



    Apply 3-4 drops of the oil before bedtime and gently massage the oil around the belly button using your fingers.

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