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Mustard Oil Cold Pressed

Mustard Oil Cold Pressed

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Mustard oil is very very popular cooking oil in East India and Bangladesh. This great mustard oil has an amazing set of numerous benefits. It is great for the overall health as well as in the kitchen, especially in the Indian household. It has a great presence of the Omega acids. Its key nutrients include monousaturated, polusaturated and saturated fats.

It is filled with large amounts of minerals, vitamins, irons and fatty acids. Amazing for the hair as well as it promotes healthy hair and provides nourishment. It is popularly known as Sarson Ka Tel in hindi.


Let us see the various benefits of this amazing, Oilcure mustard oil:

1. Great for the heart

Due to the presence of the various fats such as the monousatured, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help in the further increase of the HDL (good cholestrol) and reduction of the LDL (bad cholestrol). It keeps a check on the blood fat levels and improves the circulation.

2. Prevent cancer

The omega-3 fatty acids prevent colon and stomach cancer. This has proven to be more effective than fish oil.

3. Keeps infections away

Since it is famous to posses the three main properties which anti fugal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. This helps to heal wounds, pain, swelling, joint pains. It can also treat rashes and keep any sort of infections away which include digestive tract.

4. Organ functioning

If used as a massage oil and applied to the various organs of the body. This further helps increase the circulation, blood flow and boost functioning. It is also great for new born babies to improve their overall health and body.

5.  Reduce Asthma

Make a mix of the mustard and Oilcure almond oil. Apply this on the chest for a great relief. This will reduce the asthma attacks and help breathe comfortably. Another alternate is that, you could even consume this oil along with honey twice a day to reduce this faster.

6. Dry lips

Got chapped and dry lips?

Don't worry, mustard oil is here for the rescue. All you need to do is apply some in your navel, in other words, the belly button. Just do this regularly and watch the results yourself. Make sure you do this every night before you sleep.

7. Does wonders for the skin

This oil fully loaded with large whole amounts of vitamin E, it does great for the skin. It gives a glow to the skin, prevents pimples and acne, lightens the tone, moisturizes, rejuvenates and prevents anti aging. It also acts a natural sunscreen and keeps away sun burns and tans.

8. Healthy hair

Regular use and massage of this oil, can help prevent graying of hair. It prevents hairfall, dandruff, itchiness, if any. It also leads in promotion and the growth of healthy, strong and longer hair. 


Usage: Usually used in cooking, skin and hair care.

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