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Milk Thistle Seeds - 100 Gms

Milk Thistle Seeds - 100 Gms

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Milk thistle has been used as a natural remedy to treat liver problems, including fatty liver disease, for centuries. This Milk thistle is mainly known for its beneficial effects on the liver. Supports the liver's regeneration and creates a natural barrier against poisons. It promotes the production of bile and prevents the creation of gallstones. Maintains good health of your gallbladder.


Milk thistle is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonolignans silymarin, which makes it an excellent and natural cure for various illnesses. It works in a greater manner on your liver function, bile secretion, etc. It is known with different names throughout the world. Botanical named Silybum marianum has other common names include cardus marianus milk thistle, blessed milk thistle, Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Saint Mary's Thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle, variegated thistle, Scotch thistle. This species is an annual or biennial plant of the Asteraceae family. This fairly typical thistle has red to purple flowers and shiny pale green leaves with white veins. Originally a native of Southern Europe through to Asia, it is now found throughout the world. The medicinal parts of the plant are the ripe seeds.

Milk thistle is mainly known for its beneficial effects on the liver. It supports its regeneration and creates a natural barrier against such poisons as alcohol, medicine, pesticides or heavy metals. It promotes the production of bile and prevents the creation of gallstones. It is recommended for viral hepatitis, different kinds of addiction and it supports healthy liver function in alcoholism. It also prevents bladder problems.


Milk thistle seeds:

  • reduces blood sugar level;
  • used for the fatty lever,
  • eliminates migraine headaches;
  • strengthens blood vessel walls (prevents nose bleeding, large intestine bleeding, hemorrhoids);
  • controls bleeding during a period;
  • lowers the level of ‘bad cholesterol’, prevents atherosclerosis;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • regulates digestion, improves appetite;
  • improves eyesight;
  • used by people with cancer;
  • it is a protective herb to be used during treatment and after the treatment with strong antibiotics, antiviral drugs and after chemotherapy.

Fatty Liver and milk thistle: Fatty liver is becoming increasingly common in many parts of the world, affecting about 25% of people globally. It is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and other disorders characterized by insulin resistance. What's more, if fatty liver isn't addressed, it may progress to more serious liver disease and other health problems. 

Helps lower high cholesterol:  Milk thistle benefits heart health and helps lower high cholesterol levels by reducing inflammation, cleaning the blood and preventing oxidative stress damage within the arteries.


Dosage: Please check with your physician. 

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