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Manjistha Powder - 200 gm

Manjistha Powder - 200 gm

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Manjistha is helpful in removing toxins  present in blood. These toxins are responsible for various skin diseases and joint disorders. It is Considered best natural treatment for Pimples, Acne and Varicose Veins. Improves complexion of skin, improves quality of voice and improves functioning of liver. Manjishtha also corrects the functioning of the whole urinary system and prevents kidney stones. 

Manjistha General Information:

In Ayurvedic medicine, Manjistha is considered to be the best herb for blood-purifying. It cools and detoxifies the blood, dissolves obstructions in blood flow, and removes stagnant blood. Manjistha also has healing properties that help protect gums from receding and/or bleeding. It is believed to have antioxidant and astringent properties as well. It’s commonly used for varicose veins, bruising, eczema, psoriasis and bleeding disorders, etc. Its bright color seen in oils such as Pinda Thailam and Mahanarayan Oil reflects the bright red color of healthy blood. Manjistha has an affinity with the capillary system. Its slow action over time helps to detoxify and repair the fine structures that interface with the lymph system. It is contra-indicated in use with Coumadin.

Manjistha Uses & Scientific Evidence For:

Today in Ayurvedic medicine, Manjistha is used as an immune regulator. Scientific studies have shown that it regulates blood pressure, blood vessel constriction, and helps prohibit blood clot formation. Manjistha is used to treat raised uric acid, arthritis associated with gout, glandular swellings, reoccurring skin infections and other skin diseases such as pigmentation anomalies and leucoderma. It works in conjunction with other products in treating uterine and urinary infections, diarrhea, dysentery, and chronic fevers. Manjistha can be used to treat irregular menstruation. This herb works very well both internally and externally to promote skin glow and luster. It also helps remove pimples, freckles, other discolorations, and promotes the healing of skin tissues damaged by injury or infection.


Manjistha as internal medicine:

Manjistha is used as medicine to treat hepatitis, diabetes and urinary calculi. Manjistha works well during diarrhea and when combined with lodhra skin powder. The herb is beneficial in gastrointestinal ailments like dyspepsia, loss of appetite, worm infestations, an appetizer, aids digestion, and kills toxins and is also a vermicide.

Manjistha acts a blood purifier, and acts mainly on rasa and raktasrotasas, it controls irritation of nerves, pacifies mind, is salutary in epilepsy cases, particularly of pitta type. The decoction of manjistha is also beneficial in treating gout, when combined with other herbs.

Manjistha has a vital role in supporting heart health. Studies have shown that it regulates blood pressure, blood vessel constriction and reduces tendency of blood to form clots.

Manjistha also has a visible effect on female reproductive organs and hence is used to treat gynecological problems like irregular menstruation, white discharge. The col infusion of Manjistha improves menstrual bleeding disorders and relieves pain in dysmenorrhea. It also stimulates and cleanses uterus, is useful in postnatal ailments, oligomenorrhea, and amenorrhea.

Manjistha is also an excellent anti-diabetic and is useful in the treatment of urinary calculi.

Hence, on the whole, this wonder-herb heals, cures, and beautifies, and therefore is considered as the ‘herb of choice’ in Ayurveda


Manjistha Dosage Information:

In treating blood pressure, blood vessel constriction or other blood disorders, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider before using Manjistha as a treatment for your condition.

However, for general wellness and blood purifying, pimples and acne you can take 3-4 gm manjistha powder with water, anytime. But keep in mind that the color of your urine will change to pink or little red.

 Manjistha Safety & Interaction Information:

There are no known safety issues or interactions associated with Manjistha when taken in the recommended doses. Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.

It is contra-indicated in use with Warfarin, Coumadin and other prescription blood thinners. 

*It should be noted that Manjistha may temporarily turn urine orange or brown.

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