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Malkangani Oil

Malkangani Oil

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Malkangani oil improves your thought process, Memory, Alertness, Concentration and Wisdom. It is a muscle relaxant too. Malkangni oil is a nurve tonic, a rejuvenator anti depression tonic. Controls neuro degeneration of cells. It is of a great aid in neuro related issues like Alzheimer's, paralysis, memory loss and dementia. It has been used to treat liver related diseases like Migraine as well.

Malkangani / Malkangni or Jyotishmati ( Celastrus Paniculatus ) is oil extracted for malkangani seeds with cold press technology, to retain all nutrients and chemicals intact. Malkangani oil is considered one of the best aid in memory loss, dementia, alzheimer's, neurological mental disorders, paralysis, rheumatism etc. Great for your your Liver as well.

Advanced research study suggests that malkangani oil increases glutathione and catalase levels and decreases malondialdehyde (reactive species) in the brain, which is responsible for its antioxidant, neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing actions.


Health Benefits of Malkangani /Jyotishmati Oil:

1. Improved Memory and Mental Alertness: Malkangani improves mental health in various ways. It has a very good chemical composition which helps improve memory, mental alertness ( especially in small children ) Improves concentration power in kids and elders, makes you conscious and improves our cognition abilities. It acts on acetylcholine level in the brain, which enhances the cognition. In total it makes us sharp and intelligent.

2. Helps in Alzheimer's and Dementia: Malkangni or jyotishmati oil improves memory and alertness, which also improves recall powder and retention span. Generally, it used as a brain tonic for increasing memory. Seeds and oil both are effective in forgetfulness and memory disorders. Malkangani should be used in a dosage of 5 to 15 drops in milk. It stops the progress of cell damage in the brain. This action is likely to be attributed to its potent antioxidant effect, resulting in preventing dementia. Research suggests, it increases glutathione and catalase levels and decreases malondialdehyde (reactive species) in the brain, which might be responsible for its antioxidant, neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing actions.

Further Malkangani helps in Neurodegenerative Diseases - Because of its antioxidant action (which helps to reduce oxidative damage of the neurons), Nootropic effect of Celastrus paniculatus is well-established in ayurveda and it is widely used for this purpose. Actually, it acts as nervine stimulant according to Ayurveda. It induces alertness, improves concentration, reduces rate of cell death of neurons, improves the ability of thinking and reasoning and helps to tackle stress disorders. 

3. In Rheumatism, knee pain and Paralysis: For centuries people in rural India, especially tribals in jungles, used malkangani and its oil to treat various joint pains, rheumatoid arthritis. It helps our body to regenerate cells in the effected area. Tribal folks used to treat paralysis with this jyotishmati oil. For paralysis use this oil on affected areas for long term. In paralysis, you can massage 2 times a day on affected area. keep doing regular physical work and exercise and physiotherapy as well.

4. Fatty Liver: Malkangani oil or say Celastrus Paniculatus seeds oil decrease fat deposition in and around  liver. This action of jyotishmati helps to treat people with a fatty liver syndrome or enlarged liver.

5. Helps in Osteoarthritis: Celastrus Paniculatus (Malkangani), is full in anti-inflammatory properties, which cures joint inflammation by applying this malkangni oil on the affected area. This action helps getting rid of joint pains. 

6. Sleeping disorders / Insomnia: Malkangani gives a very calming effect on the brain, makes your brain stress free, resulting in better sleep and quality sleep.

7. Opium Addiction and its poisoning: Malkangani is a great potent antidote for opium. It can help people getting rid of opium addiction. It works well for opiate de-addiction, but you should also consider other supporting medicines according to the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The symptoms like agitation increased tearing, anxiety, muscle aches, sleeplessness, and runny nose are well controlled with Celastrus Paniculatus. 

8. Vitamin B 1 for Beriberi: Beriberi is a nutrition deficient disease because of lack of vitamin B1 thiamine. Malkangani oil is rich in vitamin b1, 15-20 drops of jyotishmati oil orally with or without milk helps overcome beriberi.

9. Migraine: Malkangani helps a lot in case of migraine headaches. It strengthens your liver, which intern helps your body to get rid of a migraine.


Dose of Malkangani oil depends from person to person, their age etc. consult your physician or ayurvedic doctor for the dosage.

Dosage: 3-5 drops orally by mouth with or without water on empty stomach anytime. Do not take more than 10 drops at a time as it is very hot in nature.

External Application: The fresh oil is applied locally for joint pain whereas the older oil is used to treat paralysis and for muscle tone up.

Pregnancy and Lactation period : Avoid using malkangani.

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