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Magnesium Sports Spray - 100ml

Magnesium Sports Spray - 100ml

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Magnesium oil is wonderful mineral support for your arthritis, leg cramps, insomnia, a muscle relaxant too. It helps to restrengthen your teeth by more calcium absorption, great for your heart care. Minimizes the chances of heart attack by maintaining good heart pulse and rate. Great for your hair and skin too. Magnesium is a topical supplement that enters your bloodstream through your skin. Within 90 seconds it goes to work where you need it most. Each spray delivers approximately 22 mg of magnesium chloride, easing your pains, improving your sleep, and encouraging a sense of relaxation.


Magnesium oil

We are blessed to have the numerous amounts of minerals and vitamins that exist in this world. One such main element is magnesium. Magnesium is filled with various shocking benefits which we will discuss below. There are a lot of problems which occur due to the lack of this element such as insomnia, high-stress level, heart problem, muscle and joint pain, diabetes.

There is also no reason to worry about any side effect or overdosage since your body will only consume how much ever it requires.

Health benefits of Oilcure Magnesium Oil:

 1. Overcome muscle pain: Suffering from arthritis or any sort of muscle and joint pain? You need to start using the magnesium oil right away. Just apply this oil on the affected area or where you feel the pain is severe. Thoroughly and gently massage this regularly. The oil will deeply nourish the skin and cells. It further reduces and overcomes the pain which is caused. This oil is used by various athletes to treat the pains they experience.

 2. Reduces chances of a heart attack: It helps to prevent any sort of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it reduces the chances of heart attack and other chronic diseases. Magnesium oil keeps away all of this by maintaining a steady pulse and heart rate.

3. Dental care: Magnesium is considered to be one of the best for calcium absorption. It prevents cavities, bleeding of gums, tartars. Magnesium oil can also be used as a mouth wash. It helps to strengthen the gums, teeth and the bones. It further makes the teeth shinier and whiter.

 4. Better sleep (insomnia): So as we all know that this amazing oil is a very good muscle relaxant. It is also very good for a relaxing sleep. Magnesium is known to relax the nervous system and brain. It helps to prevent insomnia and other sleeping disorders giving a relaxed and mindful sleep.

5. Good for the skin: This oil is considered to be very good for skin care. It should be applied once a day regularly for results to be shown. It helps to prevent acne, pimples, wrinkles, and aging. It helps to deeply nourish the skin and make it healthy and glowing.

6. Hair loss: Apply this oil on your scalp directly and massage well. Do this regularly and watch the results yourself! Magnesium helps to get in contact with the blood stream flow and help balance it. It prevents hair fall and breakage.

 7. Prevent diabetes: Make it a habit to consume this oil on a daily basis especially if you are a diabetic patient. The oil helps to keep away the diabetes risk and maintain a balance in health.

 8. Migrane relief: Consuming this oil regularly can reduce the chance of migrane attacks. Magnesium is a very good source to reduce the chances of migrane. It is considered very good for all the migrane patients.

9. For treating Keloids: Magnesium oil is a healing, soothing remedy that can flatten keloid scars naturally. Spray and massage it gently into the keloid growth on the shoulder, jaw, chest, back or earlobe. Repeat every night until the scar has faded completely.


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