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Jojoba Oil Cold Pressed

Jojoba Oil Cold Pressed

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Jojoba Oil, cold pressed is full of vitamin E, which is very good for your skin and hair. Jojoba moisturizes and make your skin radiant and elastic. It works like a natural sunscreen. Great oil for reducing dark circles with regular use of this jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is an oil which is extracted from a shrub which is grown in the region of California, Arizona and Mexico. This is free of any odour and is clear golden in colour. It is also known to have better outcomes when mixed with other essential oils. It helps to clean up the harmful toxins present. Its filled various rich minerals, vitamins. Contain an element called triglycerids, which prevents rancidity.

It does wonders for the skin, hair and the entire body.


Health benefits of Oilcure Jojoba Oil:

Prevents acne: Jojoba is popularly known to reduce the amount of pimples and wrinkles. It prevents anti aging and makes you look younger. It has amazing properties such as cell regeneration as well. Cleanses the skin and fights harmful bacteria as well.

Reduces dark circle: Have dark thick skin under your eye? Tried a lot to get rid of it? Don’t worry! Just apply this oil under your eyes and relax. Leave this for a few minutes and gently wash it with some warm water.

See the circles reduce, and watch the results yourself.  

Moisturise: One of the best properties of this oil is that it beautifully moisturizes your skin leaving it extremely soft and supple. Since we know that jojoba is a little waxy it helps, smoothen the skin leaving it soft. It protects the skin by adding a layer of protection against dust and other harmful dirt. It thus helps maintain the oil level and further prevent any sort of irritation.

Treat chapped and dry lips: Always wanted soft and smooth lips?

Just mix this oil with a spoon of honey and apply it like a normal lip balm. It will help moisturize and prevent any cracks in the lips.

Natural sunscreen and reduce tan :Due to the presence of vitamin E present in this oil, it acts as a natural sunscreen and protects against wrinkles, sunburn, scars. It also protects against skin cancer.

Put jojoba oil on the areas you have tan and watch them reduce fast due to the presence of essential nutrients.

Natural makeup remover: Why use a makeup remover which is filled with chemicals, when you can use something which is natural?

Just use a cotton ball dipped in this oil and remove your entire makeup including your eye makeup. It completely removes all the dirt, germs, bacteria present in the face leaving it clean and healthy.

Shiny and Long Hair :It is great for oiling hair and brings an amazing shine. It helps in the replenishment of moisture. It makes the hair look great with perfect texture. Due to the presence of loads of minerals and vitamins, the oil helps in growth of hair. It leads to the development of various new hair cells. It prevents breakage and hair fall by clearing all the blockages present.

Conditions your hair: It smoothly conditions the hair as well leaving it nourished, smooth and shiny!

Treats scalp dryness: Dry  scalp? Just apply this regularly and massage thoroughly. It will help overcome the dryness present and also promote blood circulation in that region.

Prevents dandruff: Always had an itchy feeling because of dandruff present? The selenium element present in this oil will eliminate all of the dandruff that is there and treat them. 

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