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Indigo Powder Pure - 100 Gms

Indigo Powder Pure - 100 Gms

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Indigo powder is made with fresh natural indigo leaves to give your hair a perfect color and shine. You can mix this indigo powder with Henna, this Indigo powder gives your hair a perfect and natural colors without any sort of side-effects.

This Indigo Powder is all natural without any addition of chemicals or preservatives. It's fine mesh texture makes it easy to mix. Indigo Hair Dye colors hair from brown to black when mixed with Henna. Reduces or removes dandruff and improves hair texture with the goodness of Indigo leaves. 

Indigo Powder is made from the herbal extracts and is clinically tested to be a completely safe product that causes no allergies and
has no side effects. It is dermatologist tested to be safe for application during pregnancy and lactation. Health benefits from Indigo:


1. Indigo Powder Hair Dye: One main hair benefit of indigo is that it acts as a natural hair dye. It makes for a 100% Chemical free hair dye and contains no Ppd, no chemicals and no added heavy metals, synthetic fertilisers, or any kind of additives for the matter and colours the hair in an absolutely herbal manner that causes no damage to the hair follicles unlike the chemical hair dyes.This is the best option, considering the side effects of chemical hair dyes which range from increased sensitivity to sun to skin allergies. It
is an all-natural hair dye that does not harm your hair in any way. Indigo Powder is 100% Ammonia free and therefore is free from the pungent smell of Ammonia, thus reduces the chances of respiratory problems.

Indigo powder can provide you with a variety of hair color shades. Indigo leaves are known to give a natural blue tint and indigo hair dye that is extracted from the leaves of the Indigo plants can colur your hairs with a natural blue shade. Experiment by
mixing this indigo powder with henna in a variety of proportions that is sure to yield beautiful shades like medium brown, light brown, or dark brown, including that of darker shades of brown, black cherry or mahogany in accordance to the proportions used.
 When mixed with henna, it gives your hair a rich brown color.  When applied over henna treated hair, it gives a lush black color.

2. Indigo Powder For Hair Growth: Indigo leaf hair oil made with the leaves is amazing for hair growth. It prevents scalp infections and increases hair growth if used regularly.

3. Indigo Powder For Dandruff: It is also a very good remedy for dandruff. It reduces dandruff and if used regularly, it decreases the chance of getting dandruff easily in the future.

4. Indigo Powder For Premature Greying Of The Hair: Indigo leaf treats and prevents premature greying of the hair. Regular use
of hair oil made with indigo leaves will reverse and prevent greying of the hair greatly.

5. Indigo Powder For Dry Hair: It is one of the best conditioners that softens your hair to great extents. If you are suffering from dry brittle hair, I would suggest using indigo leaf hair oil regularly. Within few days of regular use, you will find you hair smooth and soft. It makes the hair shiny and soothes the scalp.

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