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Nxtgen Ayurveda

Immunity Combo

Immunity Combo

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As per Ayurveda, you must improve your immunity to its best. This improved immunity will fight the viruses of many kind, and let you survive in tough times. This pack has immunity boosters and disease fighter natural herbs -  Ashwagandha, Giloy, Turmeric, Tulsi and Black Pepper. 

We can not control or stop the spread of viruses and diseases. What's in our control is our immunity. We can take steps to boost our immune system, so that it can fight against all the known or unknown viruses, on its own. Just try to improve your body's natural defense mechanism - 'immunity' to prevent and heal from various infections.  


Just to make this pack smart and short we have just made it with just 5 products.

1. Tulsi: Tulsi herb fights and kills bacteria and infections, Diabetes Fights Cancer, Balances Hormones, helps in Fever good in Respiratory Disorders Rich in Vitamin K. For ages, Indian use this herb on every day basis to take 2-3 leaves after pooja, to get all the health benefits Tulsi / Holy Basil can provide. Tulsi may be one of the best herb along with Giloy to fight against virus.

2. Ashwagandha: So many studies have concluded that Ashwagandha maintains a very healthy immune system. Ashwagandha is also used as an “adaptogen” to help the body cope with daily stress and as a general tonic.

3. Giloy: Tinospora cordifolia or Giloy in Hindi has a lot of chemicals that have antioxidant activity on the human body, resulting in higher immunity levels and delayed aging process. Because Giloy has its antioxidant property It helps curbing viruses to grow. Giloy powder improves blood circulation in the body to fight various diseases. Giloy improves the defense mechanism of our body in a big way, resulting in total immunity booster. Because of this our defense mechanism will not easily allow many common and certain uncommon diseases to get into our system. Hstorically giloy is adjudged as one of the best candidate for killing bad bacterias and viruses.

4. Black pepper: Many studies suggest that black pepper contains not only anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and fever-reducing actions but immune system-enhancing properties as well. The antibacterial property of black pepper helps to fight against infections and insect bites. Pepper added to the diet helps to keep your arteries clean by acting in a similar way to fiber and scraping excess cholesterol from the walls. Great spice to boost your immunity levels, and fight bad bacterias and viruses.

5. Turmeric: Nxtgen Ayurveda Turmeric Powder is one of the best health nutrients in Indian kitchens. It is Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic powder. It is an antioxidant, which helps our body in fighting free radicals, cancer cells, and many harmful microorganisms.


How to use: Please mix all the 5 packets together. Keep in an airtight jar. 

Dosage: For adults - 1 teaspoon every day twice - Morning 1 Teaspoon and evening 1 teaspoon after meals or breakfast.

Children - Half teaspoon every day 1 time. After breakfast(preferable) or dinner.


Disclaimer: This is a combo to enhance your immunity level, to naturally fight the virus, not a tested or proven cure for Virus.



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