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Imli Candy (Tamarind) - 150 gms

Imli Candy (Tamarind) - 150 gms

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The Oilcure Imli candy gives a tasty, twisty, tangy and an extremely sweet delight which one can’t resist! It is great for managing diabetes, healthy heart, prevention of heart stroke, ulcer prevention, constipation, diarrhea, loaded with a variety of minerals, support weight loss, boost the immune system, maintain cholesterol levels and more importantly helps in digestion.


It is great to be consumed after the digestive meals consumed, and can also be consumed anytime during the day as one can’t say no to these delicious imli candies.

Scroll below to check out the various benefits of this candy. 


Benefits of Oilcure Imli Candy:

Great for digestion

Due to the presence of potassium, tartaric acid, malic acid which is basically the main components which are required for digestion. This further helps in the secretion of the glands and digestive juices. It is also a great cure for issues like acidity. Consuming about 2-3 imli candies after a meal can keep many digestion related issues away.

Heart health

It helps in the prevention of chronic, cardiovascular diseases due to the high fibers, vitamin C present in them. This reduces the high blood cholesterol level. Also considered to be an excellent antioxidant.

Prevents ulcer

One of the great ways to get rid of ulcers or sores, as they help in cooling down the heated boils which are present and get of rid of them soon.

Lose weight

Having a candy which will support in weight loss is something one cannot resist! Yes, you read that right, it helps in losing weight! The hydroxycitric acid present in the imli blocks the body from storing fats.

Skin care

It is popularly known to slow down aging and is great for the skin. It prevents spots, acne, dullness due to the presence of Alpha Hydroxyl.

Boosting the immune system

It is known in boosting the immune system by protecting from the harmful free radicals and boosting the system.



Having 2-3 imli candies golis/ balls after meals is recommended. Consuming more than 2-3, or larger amounts can lead to side effects.



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