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Hair Cure Oil - 100 ml.

Hair Cure Oil - 100 ml.

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Oilcure - Hair Cure Oil, literally cures your scalp and hair follicles. It first repairs your damaged follicles, regenerates cells into it, resulting in hair growth. since you have lost in so much time, it will take 2-6 months to gain a good percentage of hair. We must eat healthy diet rich in Vitamin B3, B7, C, and E particularly to get good results and maintain our hair.

People try to judge your age with quantity of hair on your scalp and density of it. We all try a lot to look good with our hair styles. But what if we don't have much hair left to style it? 

Then we try lot of medications, artificial means also, hair bonding / weaving as well. They use lot of ayurvedic oils also, but they want results as miracle. They want hair growth to happen on the 3rd day itself. 4th day they will start searching new hair growing on their scalp, in front of the mirror. But the truth is, this process takes little time. You have lost hair in decades and want regeneration in hours? Not possible. For a new baby to get life you need 9 months, and that also with ultra care. So please be patient and wait for 2-3 months, do not stop using the oil until 5-6 months. 


As every human body needs care and cure, our hair also need care and cure.

Hair Cure Oil, is based on plant based vitamins and minerals, all natural. Ayurveda, from ancient times has shown good results for hair growth rather than chemical bondings, which is very short lived.

We use all quality ingredients for your hair cure or growth, all has been tested for thousands of years for hair growth. Our oil delays the process of oxidation of hair follicles. Our ingredients are :

1. Cold pressed Almond Oil 30%

2. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil - 5%

3. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 5%

4. Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil 20%

5. Amla - 3%

6. Organic Brahmi - 3%

7. Mehandi -  2%

8. Organic Lemmon Grass 2%

9. Organic Peppermint  - 2%

10. Camphor - 1%

11. Bhringraj - 2%

12. Cold Pressed Pumpkin Oil - 7%

13. Organic Ginger - 2%

14. Organic Turmeric - 2%

15. Cold Pressed Coriander Oil - 5%

16. Organic Hibiscus Flowers - 2%

17. Rose Petals - 2%

18. Organic Aloe Vera - 2%

19. Meetha Neem - 3%

This is age tested formula for hair cure and proper care of scalp and hair.


Remarkable details on some key ingredients:

Peppermint: It is proven that peppermint helps increase hair follicle numbers, depth of hair follicles and hair regrowth. And also shows an incredible result. Further, they reported that at week four the peppermint oil showed hair regrowth at about 92%, whereas minoxidil about only at 55%.  It has the following properties: antimicrobial, insecticidal and pesticidal, analgesic and anesthetic, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory

Pumpkin Oil : Pumpkin seed oil stimulates hair growth, and it appears to block dihydrotestosterone in the liver, a major cause of hair loss. Zinc in pumpkin oil thickens hair growth, boosts the speed of hair growth and prevents hair loss. 


How to use Oil cure Hair Cure Oil : Take Oilcure Hair Cure Oil in a small cup, rub this oil on scalp - roots of your hair with cotton, so that you do not waste much oil on your hair. We need oil on scalp only, not on hair. Leave at least for 3-4 hours before washing with shampoo. Best result - leave for overnight, wash in morning with shampoo. Use 2-3 times a week.

It is strictly for external use only, though there is no toxicity in our oil and no alcohol is used in our product. Keep away from children and sunlight or bright light. 

Additionally For faster and better results : 

1. Take 35-40 drops or about half tea spoon of Pumpkin seed oil ( cold pressed ) orally with little water. As pumpkin oil when you take by mouth, gives boost to your hair growth internally. We do make  Oilcure Pumpkin Seed Oil ( Cold pressed )

Brief detail on how pumpkin oil is good for your hair growth / hair cure :- 

Pumpkin seed oil stimulates hair growth, and it appears to block dihydrotestosterone in the liver, a major cause of hair loss. Zinc in pumpkin oil thickens hair growth, boosts the speed of hair growth and prevents hair loss. Pumpkin oil can treat Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) or say male pattern baldness effectively without any side effects. Stimulates hair growth, contains vitamin A, B6, & C, L-lysine, zinc, magnesium, and iron, all are good for hair growth.

According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, pumpkin seed oil was shown to block the action of 5-alpha reductase. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase is the main antagonist in androgenetic alopecia. This study was published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal in 2014. In the study, 76 male patients with varying degrees of hair loss used pumpkin oil or received a placebo. Average hair counts in the men who received pumpkin seed oil showed increases of 40%.

2. By rubbing your fingernails you can stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp.This activated blood flow to the scalp helps in strengthening the follicles of the hair and thus prevent hair fall. Helps in preventing excessive loss of hair. Aids in preventing the early greying of hair.


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