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Nxtgen Ayurveda

Finger Massager

Finger Massager

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Finger massager by Nxtgen Ayurveda gives intense massage and stimulates the circulation in the fingers. Strong and versatile for regular household use. Great acupressure or Sujok tool for your vital reflex points in the fingers. This stimulates and corrects the blood circulation to various body organs.

This finger massager is designed specifically for the stimulation of the fingers and the toes. This easy to use, handy and sturdy finger massager efficiently stimulates many reflex points at the same time, thus relieving and relaxing the fingers after long working.


How to use:

Slide each finger between this Nxtgen finger massager/roller and roll it slowly back and forth. The rolling movements promote blood circulation, stimulate all reflex points, augment and strengthen your fingers.

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