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Fennel Seed Oil (Saunf)

Fennel Seed Oil (Saunf)

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Fennel oil has potassium, Folate, vitamin C, vitamin B-6 and phytonutrient content, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, all support heart health. It is metabolic enhancer & increased metabolic output burns more energy and can accelerate fat loss. Fennel also helps “break up” fat deposits in the bloodstream to be used as energy. Good for natural obesity control. Gives a shaped tummy and figure.


These are the amazing benefits of the Oilcure fennel seed oil:

Reduces dark circles: Fennel Oil or say saunf oil is effective in reducing dark circle formation around the eyes. Dark circles are directly related to iron deficiency and hemoglobin. Iron and histamine, an amino acid found in fennel, are both helpful in the treatment of dark circles. Whereas iron is the chief constituent of hemoglobin, histamine stimulates the production of hemoglobin and also helps in the formation of various other components of the blood.

Effective in Anaemia:  Fennel Oil is effective in persons having anemia. Iron and histamine, an amino acid found in fennel, are both helpful in the treatment of anemia. Whereas iron is the chief constituent of hemoglobin, histamine stimulates the production of hemoglobin and also helps in the formation of various other components of the blood.

Good for digestion: Taking Fennel oil will help in digestion. Some of the components of the essential oils in fennel are stimulants and they stimulate secretion of digestive and gastric juices while reducing inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and facilitating proper absorption of nutrients from the food. Furthermore, it can eliminate constipation and thereby protect the body from a wide range of intestinal troubles that can stem from being blocked up. It also has an acidic (basic) properties and is extensively used in antacid preparations. In culinary applications, it is also used as an ingredient of the focal point of many appetizers.

Flatulence / Removes Gas: Fennel oil is very popular as an ant flatulent, due to the carminative properties of the aspartic acid found in fennel. Its extract can be used by everyone, from infants to the elderly, as a way to reduce flatulence and to expel excess gas from the stomach. It is commonly used in medicines to reduce symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia and flatulence in infants and young children.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Many herbs are suggested to control IBS syndrome, but Fennel Oil is front-runner in the category along with Peppermint Powder for solving this problem. Specifically, fennel oil's main compound is known as anethole. Anethole is pretty amazing, even serving as a possible cancer fighter. It does this by preventing the activation of a “gene-altering inflammation-triggering molecule associated with cancer known as NF-kappaB.” You can simply rub two drops of fennel oil combined with a carrier oil onto your tummy for quick relief in addition to having 20 drops orally after meals.

Weight Loss: Fennel seed oil may have a positive role in supporting weight loss as both a metabolic enhancer and an appetite suppressant. Increased metabolic output burns more energy and can accelerate fat loss. Fennel has the added benefit with regard to fat reduction in that it helps “break up” fat deposits in the bloodstream to be used as energy. Using energy sources the body already has stored can reduce the cravings for food. A study conducted at the Thüringen State Institute of Agriculture in Germany found that dieters who supplemented with fennel seed oil ate less food. Fennel also contains melatonin. In 2011, Researchers at the University of Granada performed a study that showed melatonin, which is a natural hormone that regulates healthy sleep patterns, also helps control weight gain.

The remedy for Infantile colic: Colic is a painful stomach cramp that is usually seen in babies. One of the major causes for colic is trapped gas in the stomach. Fennel acts as a good remedy for colic as it has flatulence reducing properties. A baby with colicky crying can be given a fennel oil 2-3 drops with water. It is advised to give this water in small quantities not more than 150 ml/ dosage, three times a day for about a week.

External Link NCBI USA for above research:

Heart Disease: Fennel oil helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. This means that it can stimulate the elimination of damaging LDL cholesterol, which is a major factor in heart disease, atherosclerosis, and strokes.

Cancer: The raw vegetable itself hasn’t been extensively studied in regards to cancer protection, but the fennel seed extract has, and the findings regarding cancer protection are quite impressive. It shows that the extract can not only inhibit the growth of tumors, thanks to its concentrations of flavonoids, alkaloids, and phenols but that it can even be somewhat chemo-protective against the harmful effects of radiation during cancer treatment. Fennel seed extract has been found to be preventative of various breast cancer and liver cancer strains.

Blood Pressure: Fennel oil is a very rich source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient in our bodies and is vital for a number of important processes. One of the attributes of potassium is its quality as a vasodilator, which means that it relaxes the tension of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. High blood pressure is connected to a wide range of health issues, including heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Also, for diabetic patients, blood pressure issues can make management of their insulin and glucose levels very difficult and can be the cause of many potentially lethal complications. A cup of fennel bulb in your daily diet will pump you full of potassium and all the benefits that come along with it.

Brain Function: Potassium, found in high levels in fennel oil, is an electrolyte, which means that it facilitates increased electrical conduction throughout the body. This includes connections within the brain, which is a veritable switchboard of electric currents. Potassium can help increase brain function and cognitive abilities through this quality. Also, fennel is a vasodilator, which means more oxygen reaches the brain and neural activity can work at optimal functionality.

Diarrhea: Fennel oil is helpful in curing diarrhea if it is caused by bacterial infection because some components of the essential oil in fennel such as Anatole and cineole have disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Some amino acids, such as histamine, can aid in digestion and the proper functioning of the digestive system, thereby helping to eliminate diarrhea due to indigestion. Fennel has long been used by indigenous cultures as a way to eliminate diarrhea.

Colic: Polymeric and heavy molecules are useful in the treatment of Renal Colic. Such polymers, also called Phytoestrogens, are found in Anatole, a component of the essential oil in fennel. This attribute of fennel makes it quite helpful in the treatment of Renal Colic. Fennel has certain antispasmodic qualities which also help it relax smooth muscles and reduce the discomfort associated with the condition.

Immune System: 1 cup of fennel oil contains almost 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin-C, which makes fennel quite a rich source of this beneficial element of our diet. Vitamin-C improves general immune system health, produces and repairs skin tissue, helps to form collagen, and also protects the blood vessel walls as an antioxidant against the harmful effects of free radicals that can frequently lead to heart disease!

Menstrual Disorders and dysmenorrhea: Fennel oil is also an Emenagogue, meaning that it eases and regulates menstruation by properly regulating hormonal action in the body. Furthermore, fennel is used in a number of products to reduce the effects of PMS, and it is also used traditionally as a soothing pain reliever and relaxing agent for menopausal women. The fennel oil is used as a safe and effective herbal drug for primary dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea, also known as painful periods, or menstrual cramps, is pain during menstruation. Its usual onset occurs around the time that menstruation begins. Symptoms typically last less than three days. The pain is usually in the pelvis or lower abdomen. Other symptoms may include back pain, diarrhea, or nausea. Girls or women suffering from these painful symptoms should take 15-20 drops of fennel oil after food during these 3-4 days plus additional 10-15 days every month or even continue for an entire month, as it has a lot of other digestion improving helps.

An external link of NBBI USA on the research of above:

Breast Enlargement: The flavonoids present in fennel increase the amount of estrogen thereby acting as a stimulant and tonic. Fennel seeds help increase the size of the breasts as they increase the formation of new cells and tissues in the breast.

Menstrual Pain: Lot of research suggests that taking fennel oil daily once and taking 4 times daily during periods gives a lot of relief in menstruation pains called dysmenorrhea.

Eye Care: Using fennel oil helps protect the eyes from inflammation, as well as helping to reduce disorders related to premature aging and macular degeneration. This is due to the high abundance of antioxidants (vitamin-C and amino acids like Arginine which are very beneficial for rejuvenation of tissues and the prevention of aging), detoxifiers and stimulants. They are more specifically in fennel oil, as well as minerals like cobalt and magnesium.  

Laxative helps cure constipation: Fennel oil is a good laxative and benefits in both chronic and acute constipation. However, unlike synthetic laxatives, it has no side effects and can be used regularly. Fennel oil clears bowel perfectly and helps cure your constipation problem.

Respiratory Disorders: Fennel oil is useful in respiratory disorders such as congestion, bronchitis, and cough due to the presence of Cineole and Anatol which are expectorant in nature, among their many other virtues.

Other Benefits: Fennel oil is diuretic, which means that it increases the amount and frequency of urination, thereby helping the removal of toxic substances from the body and helping in rheumatism and swelling. Fennel oil also increases production and secretion of milk in lactating mothers and since this milk contains some properties of fennel, it is an anti-flatulent for the baby as well. It strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, relaxes the body, sharpens memory and has a marvelous cooling effect in summer. This can be achieved if the pale, greenish-yellow water, in which it fennel is soaked, is ingested with a bit of sugar and black salt.

A Few Words of Caution: You must remember that there are two sides to any story and too much of anything is harmful. This is obviously true for fennel as well. Certain components of the fennel essential oil such as Anethol, and a few chemicals present in the plant itself, besides being beneficial, can be dangerous if ingested in too large of a quantity. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should not take Fennel oil.


Recommended usage: 10- 20 drops after food.


Disclaimer: The products and the claims made about specific products on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration department and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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