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Chitrak Powder - 100 gms

Chitrak Powder - 100 gms

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Chitrak roots are considered detox herb for the intestine and the Liver. By doing this detox, Chitrak root helps improves your digestive fire and digestion, improves your metabolism naturally.

Chitrak roots are considered very good for digestion, appetite and removing toxins from out intestine and liver

Benefits of Chitrak Powder:


Also commonly known as Plumbago zeylanica, chitraka, krsanu root powder, chitrak is an extremely

powerful herb which is grown throughout India. It is known to support metabolism, helps in removal of

toxins. Popularly known to help in diabetes due to the antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties. It is

pungent, bitter in taste. Also a great relaxant and helps in anxiety, calming the brain activities.

It is known to help in weight management, functioning of liver, nutrient absorption, maintain proper blood

flow. All parts of the plants are used for various purposes. Following are a few benefits:


1. Weight management:

Due to the remains of toxin as a form of fat in the body, it leads to weight gain, constipation,

obesity and other related issues. Chitrak due to its unique properties, helps to reduce this and

thus help in weight management.


2. Muscle relaxant

Chitraka has a major effect on the Central nervous system and is known to reduce anxiety levels.


3. Wounds

It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help in reducing the risks of bacteria. It

also prevents certain skin diseases as well.


4. Indigestion

Due to the presence of digestion properties in chitrak, it helps to maintain the process of digestion.Chitraki helps relieve constipation, loose motion, indigestion and stomach pain. 

and balance the doshas.



½ tsp with water or as advised by a health practitioner.


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