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CCF Tea for Detoxing - 250gms

CCF Tea for Detoxing - 250gms

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CCF Tea is a perfect blend of 3 great natural detoxing and cleansing herbs of Ayurveda. Cumin, Coriander and Fennel, all good in detoxing and enhancing our digestion system as a whole to boost our metabolism.

Ancient Indian Ayurveda, always supports - prevention is better than cure. Meaning is, we all know very well about increased levels of pollution and use of chemicals or preservatives / colors in our daily food. Even ground water is also to be blamed for.

Now there is a need for a natural detox herb or herbs, which can naturally detox and cleanse our body and organs, without hurting its natural chemistry.

Our team of researchers, found the combination of cumin, coriander and fennel seed powder as a great detoxing agent for the above said purposes. 

Method of preparation of this CCF Tea :

Take 1 teaspoon of CCF Tea powder and boil with one cup of water for up to 2 minutes. Strain if you need and serve to 1 person. 


Benefits of CCF Tea :

1. Naturally Detox

2. Cleaser

3. Increase metabolism and energy

4. Controls water retention in body

5. improves digestion

6. Reduces acidity and Gas

7. Good for weight Loss management

8. Improves urination and stool


Recommended usage: 

1 tsp per person, boil CCF tea by Oilcure in water and filter after to serve the tea. 


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