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Black Salt Himalayan - 500 gms

Black Salt Himalayan - 500 gms

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Black salt or Kala Namak, is tangy in taste, better than table salt. It is being used in Asian kitchens for centuries for its unique tangy taste and for many healthy grounds. Kala Namak is good to cure constipation, high cholesterol levels, gastric problems, improves digestion, good in arthritis, weight loss and impotency issues.

 Without salt we cannot imagine life. We need salt for almost all of our food preparation. Most people on the earth use table salt. Sea salt, because of its cost, is most popular and sells the most. But scientific researchers points out that common salt i.e. the white salt we use can cause paralysis, thyroid problem, impotence issues and even high blood pressure.

India and Pakistan has other natural salts also - rock salts, rich in healthy minerals like potassium, sulfur,  calcium and iron. Himalayan range has black salt, Himalayan pink salt. All these natural salts are preferred now a days over sea salts, because of side effects of common iodized salts.

In ayurveda, Kala Namak or black salt is considered the best for digestion and is being used in lot of medicines for stomach. Black salt, other than its great taste, offers a lot of health benefits. People use this in many Indian CHATS to keep the stomach's health balance.


Some noted health benefits of black salt/Kala Namak :

1. Constipation, Bloating and Appetite: Kala Namak is digestive stimulant, which means it balances natural production of acids in the stomach and stimulates bile production in the liver. All the digestive powders or pills generally will contain black salt. Kala namal has the capability to ease constipation, stomach issues. It helps taking intestinal gases out. Black salt is used as an ingredient in many products like Hingwastak Churna which improves digestion without causing stomach irritation, without worsening gastritis. It helps digesting foods and increases appetite.

2. Strong Hair: The essential minerals in black salt helps grow your hair naturally, makes hair strong and treat its split ends. For treating dandruff take black salt with tomato juice at least once a day. Not only will it encourage hair growth, but will also thicken your hair, and give it some extra sheen and luster.

3. Great for Skin: This natural salt is great for bath. This bath salt can improve texture and tone of your skin naturally. Simply add black salt in lukewarm water for bathing. It has sulfur which has healing properties for skin, cracked feet, swollen feet, athlete’s foot etc.

4. Best Alternate To Sea Salt : We all are unaware of the risks associated with the consumption of sea salt, particularly paralysis, thyroid problems, impotency issues, and high blood pressure. Kala Namak is a great alternate for the sea salt. Black salt is a salt with fewer side effects. In addition, it also fights against a number of diseases like arthritis, high cholesterol levels, and impotency issues. 

Caution: Black Salt is likely safe in dietary amounts. The dietary amount of black salt should not exceed from 5 grams (elemental sodium in it is around 2.3 grams) a day, per person.

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