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Ashwagandha Leaves Powder - 100 gm

Ashwagandha Leaves Powder - 100 gm

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Ashwagandha leaves are very good in improving the general health of the person and also effective to increase the fertility by boosting libido. The leaves of ashwagandha are considered to be very helpful and effective for weight loss. It is advised to take these leaves on empty stomach for some good results. Ashwagandha is good antioxidant and helps in keeping body immune.


Aswagandha leaves have a number of health benefits including its adaptogenic properties (helps your body adapt to the onslaught of various harmful factors in the environment like pollution and stress). Ability to strengthen the immune system, heal damage caused to the body due to stress and even helps relieve conditions like cough, acidity, high blood sugar levels and fatigue. What’s more the plant is also a potent purgative and improves digestive functioning. You may also like to read about the health benefits of Ashwagandha.

Owing to its action on the digestive system, this leaf helps speed up the process of weight loss. According to Ayurvedic texts having aswagandha leaves regularly, helps rid the body of toxins and expels ama (deposited toxins) from the lining of the stomach. This in turn helps improve the working of the digestive system and fires up your metabolism, helping in weight loss.

How Ashwagandha Leaves Help to Weight Loss: Ashwagandha is effective on weight loss and like other weight loss supplements, it does not have side effects on the body. Let us see how ashwagandha helps our body to lose weight.

There are two main things on which ashwagandha focuses and there are:

  • It lowers elevated cortisol levels
  • It regulates blood sugar and very effective on the insulin sensitivity

It improves the digestive system which helps the body to digest food fast and fires up the metabolism and help in weight loss.

It has been described in the Ayurveda that ashwagandha leaves helps in removing the toxic deposit from the stomach. Consumption of leaves of ashwagandha is good for the weight loss and overall health as well.

Remember:  You need to workout and avoid junk food to get the body you want you cannot depend  on Ashwagandha leaves for everything. Do concern the experts first if you are looking forward to using ashwagandha as a supplement.

Ashwagandha leaves are also having many other  heath benefits. Herbs are good to consume as do not have any side effects on the body like other medicines. It is very good to improve the digestive system and faster the weight loss process which is a bonus for those who have tried all the possible ways to lose weight.

Ashwagandha Leaves for sleep disorders / insomnia : Researchers found  the effect of various components of Ashwagandha leaf on sleep regulation by oral administration in mice. They found that the alcoholic extract that contained high amount of active withanolides was ineffective to induce sleep in mice. However, the water extract which contain triethylene glycol as a major component induced significant amount of non-rapid eye movement sleep with slight change in rapid eye movement sleep. Commercially available triethylene glycol also increased non-rapid eye movement sleep in mice in a dose-dependent (10-30 mg/mouse) manner. These results clearly demonstrated that triethylene glycol is an active sleep-inducing component of Ashwagandha leaves and could potentially be useful for insomnia therapy.

Anti Cancer : Bioactivity-based size fractionation and NMR analysis were performed to identify the active anticancer component(s) in ashwagandha leaves by researchers. In their published articles in NCBI USA they found that ashwagandha leaf is effective in cancer management.

Reversal of Alzheimer and parkinson's :  The effects of Ashwagandha leaf extracts are multidimensional ranging from differentiation of neuroblastoma and glioma cells, reversal of Alzheimer and Parkinson's pathologies, protection against environmental neurotoxins and enhancement of memory. Read the research report published by NCBI Ncbi report on Ashwagandha leaf effect on Alzheimer and Parkinson's


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Dosage : 3-5 gms for adults. appx one teaspoon crushed leaves.

Caution : Generally ashwagandha leaves taking orally is safe for a moderate period like 60-90 days. If you are on thyroid medicines consult your doctor before starting.


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