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Ajwain/ Carom Oil

Ajwain/ Carom Oil

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It is one of the important ancient herbs for Indian kitchens to make Indian cuisine tasty. All the parts of this herb have a very strong smell; hence it is called Ugragandha in Sanskrit. Ajwain has many health and medicinal values. It is a well-known seed for instant remedy of stomachache and enhances appetite. 


The following are the benefits of the Oilcure Ajwain Oil: 

Ajwain reduces Gas and Flatulence: Ajwain is one of the best herbal wonder drugs for gas, flatulence, and indigestion. Ajwain in the form of distilled water is good for the above-mentioned issues and also enhances appetite. It is great in treating acidity and gastric-related issues.

Antiseptic: Ajwain is used as an antiseptic. It is used for cleaning wounds and treating skin infections. Thymol in Ajwain seeds is known as a strong germicide, anti-spasmodic, and fungicide. The oil of Ajwain is also used in toothpaste and perfumery. Ajwain leaves can be crushed and applied to infections.

Antibacterial: Ajwain seeds are also used in the prevention of bad breath. Thymol from Ajwain seeds is also used in various mouthwash.

Arthritis: The oil inhibits two unique properties, which include, anesthetic and antibiotic properties. Consuming Oilcure Ajwain/ Carom oil regularly will prevent arthritis. 

Body Aches: Aroma from ajwain oil provides relief in heavy colds and migraine headaches. The oil of Ajwain is used in eardrops for earaches. Many body massage oils also contain ajwain oil.

Diarrhea: This is considered to be one of the best cures for diarrhea. Taking this oil once a day can help cure dysentery and indigestion issues. 

Muscle Spasm: Ajwain has antispasmodic properties, mainly due to the presence of thymol, and is used for treating colic and griping pains, asthma, muscle spasms, cramps, rheumatism, arthritis, and edema. The seeds are known to relax the uterus and provide relief from menstrual cramps.

Painkilling abilities: Ajwain oil is used over insect bites, as it has pain-killing properties. It can help replace the coils which are used to keep mosquitoes away. 

Keeps away acne: Trying to get rid of acne and scars? Don't worry, the  Oilcure Ajwain Oil helps treat and eliminate these scars. Use this on the affected areas regularly for great results. 

Kidney and Liver disorders: Several Ayurvedic medicines have Ajwain as it provides relief in kidney and liver disorders, stomach problems, etc. Ajwain also reduces the craving of alcohol and is effective for people who want to get rid of alcohol.

Respiratory disorder: Ajwain is used for treating respiratory infections, and asthma. People suffering from asthma should take Ajwain oil regularly followed by drinking warm water early in the morning.

Ajwain for Acidity and Hyperacidity: Ajwain has anti-hyperacidity properties. It shows good results in acidity control and prevention.


Recommended dosage: Ten drops of Oilcure Ajwain/ Carom oil with water after food. 

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